Biomedical science

Biomedical science, strictly speaking, biomedical science is the application of biology-based science to medical use, be it research, health monitoring or treatment. As 21st century medicine and healthcare becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled biomedical scientists capable of performing and analyzing a battery of technical procedures to screen, maintain and improve human health.
Typically, the professional biomedical student works in a hospital laboratory, and may be called on to analyze metabolic disorders, perform HIV testing, blood typing or genetic tests, diagnose tumors or identify an infectious micro-organism. In doing so, the biomedical scientist requires an understanding of medical biochemistry, microbiology, clinical and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, cell and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and/or cytology. They must also be discreet, well-organized, meticulous and able to communicate their findings to medics delivering treatment.
But biomedical engineering is a medical by science, engineering, the combination of the edge discipline, is a variety of engineering discipline to biomedical penetration of the product. It is using the modern natural science and engineering technology principle and method, from engineering point of view, in multiple layers in the human body on structure, function and their relationship, and reveals the phenomenon of life, to prevent diseases, provide new technical means of treating a comprehensive, high technology subject. People of insight believe that in the new century with the continuous development of natural science, biomedical engineering development prospect is immense. Biomedical engineering discipline is a highly integrated cross discipline. This is its biggest characteristics.
Biomedical science and biomedical engineering have a special intimate relationship. Now some of the latest researches and scientific achievements about biomedical science and biomedical engineering have been published in many international journals which provide an international biomedical science and biomedical engineering platform, in the favor of researching and academic exchanges.

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