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thomas jsherwoodlaw

thomas jsherwoodlaw expert mortgage modification specialists will review the details of your case and if we believe we can’t help you, we’ll not only let you know up front, we will advise you why your home loan modification request does not fit under existing program guidelines. The best part is, it won’t cost you a thing if we can’t help!

Loan Modification is the answer for many homeowners caught short by these trying economic times. Get the mortgage help you need!

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Who should explore a modification?

Anyone who is struggling with their mortgage payments.

What makes someone an ideal candidate?

Late on mortgage
Rate is adjustable
Rate is too high
In foreclosure
Home is worth less than what they owe
Struggling to make payments
Experienced a hardship that is causing financial duress
Unable to refinance
What can a mortgage modification do for you?

Substantially lower your monthly payments
Convert your Adjustable rate to a Fixed rate
Reduce your Interest rate
Reduce your principle balance owed
Lengthen your payment terms
Clear out your accrued back payments and late fees
We also offer other options

Sometimes, a modification of an existing mortgage is just not an option. If you:


Have very little time left until they will be forced to leave their home
Do not intend to stay in the home
Lack the necessary documentation to be approved for loan modification
Loan modifications are an attractive solution for many, however, if you fall into the above category, it won’t be suited for you. Our law firm offers other attorney based solutions that include: “Short Sale Negotiation” or “Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure.”

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