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michaelbamshadmichaelbamshad 22 Aug 2017 09:33
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Excellent Information.

michael bamshad
microsoft Expert

Excellent by michaelbamshadmichaelbamshad, 22 Aug 2017 09:33

Thanks for help it is working!

Good theme I used it on my website.The site came out nice after using the theme.

Nice little theme by tom wadetom wade, 15 May 2017 13:12
BattlesquidBattlesquid 15 Apr 2017 14:18
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Beautifully simple! Good work!

by BattlesquidBattlesquid, 15 Apr 2017 14:18

Thanks for the link mate. Helped me customize the theme.

Re: request by mathewstimmathewstim, 13 Feb 2017 07:01
mathewstimmathewstim 13 Feb 2017 06:59
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Midnight Coal

Very nice and vibrant theme. Using it for my site.

by mathewstimmathewstim, 13 Feb 2017 06:59
danielbob1danielbob1 08 Dec 2016 20:53
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by danielbob1danielbob1, 08 Dec 2016 20:53
leigerleiger 01 Dec 2016 01:31
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Matalex Dark

I like the attention to detail you've given on each of the themes: Matalex Dark, Grey and Pink. Well done.

Will rate them up :)

Shane Smith
Web Developer and Wikidot Community Administrator
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by leigerleiger, 01 Dec 2016 01:31

As a member of Reverend FoxReverend Fox's primary site, I'm quite happy that he made his theme publically available. It's a dark but clean theme which is very easy to read.

"Well, I just crit the bed!"
— Me.

I like it! by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89, 21 Oct 2016 16:28


I'm using your template in my wikidot site and I'm having javascript errors when I try to load it on INternet Explorer 11.

The error is:
Script445: Object doesn't support this action
init.combined.js (68,3871)

Can you tell me why?

Problems with IE 11 by siacuausersiacuauser, 17 Sep 2016 14:30

Hi am trying to make a school website for my school club however it wont show the sidebar even though I just copied and pasted the same code on this page. I have it as a custom theme with both navbars checked for use.

I have the same problem for some of my other sites as well. Not to mention every couple of days my site looks like the blank theme. Is there something that I am missing in the Site CSS or is it a bug?

Sidebar No-Show by Joshua DarbyJoshua Darby, 13 Sep 2016 03:16
Dig it!
Reverend FoxReverend Fox 03 Aug 2016 19:14
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » neon

I like the theme and am using it for 2/3 of my sites.

Dig it! by Reverend FoxReverend Fox, 03 Aug 2016 19:14
AidanAidan 18 May 2016 00:25
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Forest

You need to upload your banner image to a page, and then for the url in the code (listed below) subsititute in your file. Say you named your image "back.jpg", and uploaded to the Start page of your wiki, then you need to change the code to:

background-image: url("/local—files/start/back.jpg");

/* ### Layout ############################## */
/* ###### Banner ############################ */
#header {
background-image: url("/local—files/forest/banner.jpg");

The World is full of People, most of them Other-Than-Human.

by AidanAidan, 18 May 2016 00:25

I like this theme, but would like to change the banner picture to one of my own. Can someone provide some information on how to do so?
thank you.

changing banner picture by dancombsdancombs, 17 May 2016 21:12
Re: Logo by Jade MarthaJade Martha, 19 Feb 2016 11:12
SnowyAESnowyAE 13 Jan 2016 03:50
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Late Harvest


Swag by SnowyAESnowyAE, 13 Jan 2016 03:50
RobElliottRobElliott 05 Jan 2016 21:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » MagmaBrand

Timothy as given you the file so you should be OK. But if you create any image yourself, make sure that you save the image in png format (as Timothy has done). You can't use jpg for this as it doesn't support transparency.

Rob Elliott - Strathpeffer, Scotland - Wikidot first line support & community admin team.

by RobElliottRobElliott, 05 Jan 2016 21:58
Timothy FosterTimothy Foster 05 Jan 2016 21:26
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » MagmaBrand

I don't know off the top of my head, but you can probably do a search.

In the meantime, I took the liberty to remove the white background myself. Feel free to download and use the image below for your site.


Timothy Foster - @tfAuroratide - Go here if you're nerdy like me

by Timothy FosterTimothy Foster, 05 Jan 2016 21:26

Is there any other service that is online and does not require any downloads?

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