Generic Developer
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Name: Generic Developer

Author: Timothy FosterTimothy Foster
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License
Tags: ardeol base developer sidebar topbar

Supports top bar menu *: yes
Supports side bar menu *: yes
* depends on tags: topbar and sidebar


This is the generic template for the Developer Theme series engineered by Timothy Foster. This theme features mainly a simplistic architecture perfect for educational sites and corporations. Attention is given to the content of the page while providing for a clean side and top navigation. In addition, the theme should be compatible with most browsers. CSS has been built in for the Checklist App, Image Box CSI, Plurality CSI, Hover Tips, and Tabview.

In addition to this theme is a variety of variations based on different colors to suit your preference. The following list represents all of the available variations of the Developer Theme series, all based around two to three colors and three image sets:

How to install

  • go to: your wiki admin panel » appearance » themes
  • choose External CSS theme
  • supply the following URL as the CSS location



  • 07 April, 2011 — Fixed a bug in which the absence of a title dissociates the header and content area. This also fixes the same problem in the Site Manager.
  • 05 April, 2011 — Fixed a bug in which the header displays incorrectly with the lack of a h2 title. Unconfirmed fix in browsers other than Firefox.
  • 23 December, 2010 — Gave Generic developer a top bar image, so now it can be used like a normal theme.
  • 22 December, 2010 — Made simple header table links more visible in Topaz theme.
  • 21 December, 2010 — Form button definitions moved from individual themes to generic theme, since they are all identical. Fixed simple table header link bug. Made links, side bar h1, and hover tips more visible in the Diamond theme. Made links more visible in Obsidian theme and Onyx theme.
  • 17 December, 2010 — Malachite created; tanzanite created. Emerald theme changed to Peridot theme. Emerald theme recreated. Obsidian created.
  • 16 December, 2010 — Added simple tables, input, TOC, hover tip, side bar headings, and tabview CSS theme-specific customization to all current themes. Fixed Code image bug in Topaz theme.
  • 15 December, 2010 — James's hover tips functionality added. Added sidebar h1-h6 support. Added simple tables, input, TOC, hover tip, side bar headings, and tabview CSS theme-specific customization to Ruby Developer.
  • 14 December, 2010 — Temporarily subsided #top-bar li ul li overflow bug. Increased width of #top-bar li ul li a from default width to 175px. Amethyst created; garnet created.
  • 13 December, 2010 — Cleaned code slightly. Topaz created; quartz created.
  • 11 December, 2010 — Diamond created; sapphire created. Text shadow effect added to #header h1.
  • 09 December, 2010 — Developer themes started. Base created; emerald created; onyx created; ruby created.

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