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Name: Rounded

Author: Arotaritei VladArotaritei Vlad
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Tags: artimonier blog sidebar topbar

Supports top bar menu *: yes
Supports side bar menu *: yes
* depends on tags: topbar and sidebar


I share my original theme with you. I added other things and i removed my logo, so you don't need to do this "manually". This theme is in pure CSS, it has no images (only the owindow has ;-).

Browser support:
- Internet Explorer 8
- Mozilla Firefox +3
- Google Chrome

Not tested on Safari or Opera.

- Custom forum and buttons
- Infobox .infobox
- Pure CSS and CSS3, no images!
- Sidebar header #sidebar h2

Please provide feedback via PM or comment here.

How to install

  • go to: your wiki admin panel » appearance » themes
  • choose External CSS theme
  • supply the following URL as the CSS location



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