Sparky the Hedgehog
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Name: Sparky the Hedgehog

Author: Blossom1998Blossom1998

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*Original Profiles**

Name: Sparky
Nicknames: Sparks
Age: 15
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Height: 84ft
Weight: 82
Fur: Blue
Eyes: Emerald Green

DOB: March 23rd
Birth Place: Sylvania Island
Residence: Mobius, Tropical City
Alignment: Good

Known relatives: Zero the Hedgehog (father), Marina the Hedgehog (mother), Krystal the Squirrel (adoptive sister), Jesse the Cat (adoptive brother-in-law), Jasmine the Hedgehog (girlfriend)

Greatest Friends: Krystal, Skylar, Lina, Kikki, Jay, Lauren, Speed, Typhoon, Jade, Tiara, Tyler, Aisha, Lily, Kiara, Jasmine, Tasha, Tiffany, Lola, Liam, Lexi, Justine, Joyce,
Associates: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Amy, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, Maria
Rivals: Shadow,
Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Steve Mongoose, Michael
Known relatives: Zero the Hedgehog (father), Marina the Hedgehog (mother)
Love Interest: Jasmine the Hedgehog
Likes: His friends, adventures, running, challenges, having fun with others, summer wind breeze, games, music, sunsets
Dislikes: Anyone who insulted his speed, cold wind breeze, losing, female cyborgs, being treated as slave, waiting, evil, losing, Dr. Eggman.

Items & Weapons: Sparky has a sword named Emerald. He has been calling out using of his minds. With materialization of the katana appear sparkling gleams.

Original Bio

Sparky is from another dimension, parallel version of Sonic’s world. He has defeated his archenemy, Dr. Robotnik Nega 6 years ago. He and his friends are transported to Sonic’s world and Sonic and his friends let him stay on their world as their new home. Sparky is very fun-loving, who loves having fun with his friends. Both Sonic and Sparky are very close friends sharing their true speeds at the same distance. Sparky was the leader of his group previously the defeat of Dr. Robotnik Nega.

Powers and Abilities

Sparky was gift manipulate the light. The main sources are the emerald gems on his armbands that help him to build more powers. It has demonstrated it appears a glittering light when he uses his ability. Sparky is a fast runner like Sonic, he moves faster than the speed of sound able to break through barriers. He mostly trained as swordsman has hidden powers. With materialization, it appears sparkling gleams. And a gem on his sword at the centre was shown glowing when the power is fully charged. He transform in a super state with the power of Star Emeralds, able to fly and uses his powers.


Sparky was first portrayed as loyal, courageous, light-hearted and high-spirited. He loves having fun with his friends, spending more time with them, dislikes it when someone is hurt. He’s highly adventurous, optimistic and enthusiastic, but shown to be stubborn to confront the foes on his way. Sparky is very confident on challenges, likes to make fun on the opponents. Despite his loyalty and enthusiasm, Sparky is a fun-loving person, likes to make new friends, including when he made friends with Sonic and his friends.

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