How To Tag

In order to let people easily find your theme, you need to tag it. You do it by clicking on "tags" link at the bottom of your theme page and entering words that are to be used as tags. But what tags you should use?

Tag your theme according to the base theme colors, for example:
  • red
  • blue
  • black
  • orange
  • others

Don't use sophisticated colors like scarlet (for most people it's just a variant of red). If your theme has two or more base colors, you can add all of them as tags, but avoid two colors in one tag, like blue-black.

If your theme uses some natural motives or or has a technical nature you can use one of the following tags:

  • nature
  • technology
  • others
Tag by defining the purpose:
  • blog
  • notes
  • repository
  • commercial
  • homepage
  • others

Tag according to the navigational elements. Only use the following tags:

  • sidebar
  • no-sidebar
  • topbar
  • no-topbar

(Then if you want to search for non-topbar, non-sidebar themes, you can just type "no-sidebar no-topbar" in the search area).

As a general rule each word is acceptable as a tag as long as it's natural to be used by other users.

Moreover, try to use the nouns instead of adjective where possible. For example: nature instead of natural.

And yes, you can give a page as many tags as you wish. Separate them with space.

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