How To Add

Step 1: Create theme

Themes are simply CSS files.

You can create new CSS from beginning or modify existing base theme. It is easy to write and test style.css offline and then publish it here.

Please extend only base theme!

If you need more help with CSS, read this HOWTO or ask the Community.


Step 2: Publish theme

  • Create a new theme page
  • Follow the instructions
  • Paste the CSS code
  • Attach images to the page1
  • Preview will be generated automatically

new theme page

(enter the theme name and press create page)


Step 3: Show off

Your theme can be rated and commented by all users. The top rated themes are guarantied to be listed on the front page!

You can also modify the theme any time you want. You have full access to the pages that you create. However, empty and/or abandoned themes may be deleted by the site admins.

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