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Name: Creative

Author: Matt GentileMatt Gentile
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

Tags: 3d-buttons blog corporate creative css3-buttons icondeposit professional simple theme tons-of-features topbar

Supports top bar menu *: yes
Supports side bar menu *: no
* depends on tags: topbar and sidebar


Click here for full Documentation and the Full Code

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Theme by: Icon Deposit

This is the theme I've been meaning to release for the past two days. This is a theme that has been in development for over 2 or 3 weeks, started off putting things together piece by piece, then finally figured out the direction to go for this theme.

It includes custom CSS3 3D buttons, a custom message notification, custom photo gallery, custom file uploaders and tons more! It also is compatible in all major Browsers, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera!

How to install

  • go to: your wiki admin panel » appearance » themes
  • choose External CSS theme
  • supply the following URL as the CSS location



Click here for a Live Updated Preview of This theme

~ In Internet Explorer very little things look off, but still looks great! Every other browser works awesome!

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