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Name: Kingfisher

Author: Vibracobra23Vibracobra23
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License
Tags: black blue business clean colorful sidebar topbar yellow

Supports top bar menu *: yes
Supports side bar menu *: yes
* depends on tags: topbar and sidebar


This theme is clean and colourful, easy to read and allows for a full width customised logo and page background. All elements of the theme, such as forum and owindows, have been customised to complement the main pages. The theme is extended from Shiny.

How to install

  • go to: your wiki admin panel » appearance » themes
  • choose External CSS theme
  • supply the following URL as the CSS location



There is a Test Site for the theme at which features an extensive preview so feel free to try it out there before using it on your own site and if you want to check out how the theme looks like on a live site then visit The Cornovia Press, XDP Express Sheffield or European Football Logos websites. The theme also works well with alternate colours. For a full width header it's suggested that you design one with a reasonable width (1000-1200px x 150px) and set the background colour in the #header element of the css code to reflect the background colour of your header (I've used #222222). It will then appear to extend to the left and right edges of the screen on widescreen displays.

Please note that the dropdown menu works well, but any nested elements in the very right hand side appear off the edge of the page. As with some of the other themes here, there is sometimes a tendency for the elements of the top-bar to reverse themselves. I usually just edit them so that they show in the correct order, but if anyone knows of a fix I'd be grateful to hear about it.

I haven't noticed any other problems, but let me know if you see any others. Thanks Vibracobra23Vibracobra23.

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